We Are Growing

In the year of 2018 we have injoied to the big company Rafarma pharmacy. Im very happy, because we merged our new procucts with them.

Our new products are Green Drop, natural cream`s, industrial hemp, and other nutritional supplements. We are very effective here in Slovenia. We entered the other markets and we are developing other products like industrial hemp. It is one of the best products and it can help us in life alternation.

Im very happy that we found life goals together. We are going to launch our products in Slovenia and all over the world. Most important thing for me is that we have all natural products. It is family company where we want to set out our market in the world.

Im very pleased that we were become in part of the Rafarma Phermacy`s family and I hope that with entering in the new market where we will bacome one of the largest suppliers of natural product`s in the world.

Srečko Bojt


Srečko Bojt

Chief Executive Officer of Rafarma