Let’s go ahead!

Rafarma Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is pleased to announce the infusion of new asset. Green Drop D.O.O., a Slovenian company,  has merged into Rafarma Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Green Drop D.O.O. deals with the production of fresh juices from acacia and cannabis. Green Drop has been present in the market since 2015 and has shown tremendous effectiveness in improving people’s well being with its natural products.


Together with Green Drop D.O.O., Rafarma Pharmaceuticals is pleased to welcome into its team the founder of Green Drop, Mr. Daniel Kapel. Mr. Kapel is 44 years old, lives in Ljubljana, Slovenia, has two daughters. In 2015 he started the business of Green Drop in Slovenia with a single greenhouse and a processing lab. In the same year the company was granted its first eco certificate. The company has grown substantially since then. Mr. Kapel is excited of being part of new Rafarma team and is looking forward to great future and further development of his creations together with Rafarma. Mr. Kapel will be responsible for running operations in Slovenia.


“Merger with Rafarma Pharmaceuticals should offer Green Drop new frontiers through access to Global Markets and development of new products. On the other side, Green Drop should enhance the shareholder value for all the shareholders of Rafarma Pharmaceuticals. New revolutionary products that Green Drop brings to Rafarma should influence market cap positively and bring unique opportunities to the shareholders.”, says Mr. Kapel.


The company has big plans for the current 2019 and the coming 2020. In particular, the company will launch new products that are already developed on the Slovenian and World markets. The new products are Juice of potato and hemp grass (DG HEMP POWER LIFE), Green Drop in liposome (DG LIPOSOM), Cannabis in liposomes (HEMP LIPOSOME), Cereal creams and hemp creams, Green Powder (GD JUICE POWDER), Hemp Powder (HEMP JUICE POWDER).


Living with Nature and Environmental Care is one of the key values of RAFARMA PHARMACEUTICALS INC. The company looks forward to the exciting future for the good of people.