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Chairman of the Board

Ilya Shpurov

Pharmaceutical factories owner, investor (pharmaceutical, IT, and media
spheres), researcher (innovative medicine and philosophy spheres)

Bought the company Slavich specializing in domestic chemistry and
packaging. Its structure includes 7 factories providing the production of
photo paper, photographic plates, materials for microelectronics, and a
growing share of domestic production of flexible packaging materials with
multi-color printing. The number of employees is about 1200 people.

Created company Technopark in Pereslavl city. LLC
Pereslavsky Technopark was established on the basis of infrastructural assets
of JSC Company Slavich. It is a cluster of innovative research and
residential production companies. Now one of the biggest clusters in Russia
according to the number of residents. The General area is 4 km2 and 560 000 m
of buildings.

Bought and re-created the pharmaceutical factory
Kraspharma in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia. Now Kraspharma is a leading Russian
pharmaceutical company. More than $ 35 million has already been allocated for
the reconstruction of the factory; new product lines are being developed; the
the factory is conducting active research and development in the field of
pharmacology and medicine.

Bought and re-created the medical technology company
Bebig specializing in low-dose brachytherapy and fusion biopsy in the treatment
of cancer (preferably prostate and liver types).

CEO- President

Vladimir G. Dolgolenko

Mr. Dolgolenko has earned a Masters degree in Economics and is fluent in English, Russian, Spanish and Swedish. Mr. Dolgolenko started his career in the Russian Ministry of Fuel Industry in the Foreign Relations Department in the Crude Oil Production and Processing Section.

In 1991, he was appointed Executive Vice President of RosCanA and Vice President of Roscana Holdings, a U.S. corporation. In the 1990s while residing in the U.S., he was an exclusive representative of PetroFac Engineering ( (LSE: PFC), a then Texas company, for the territories of Eastern Europe and Russia. Since then Mr. Vladimir Dolgolenko has occupied top executive positions in a number of US, European and other international businesses.

Mr. Dolgolenko has major management expertise in the development and implementation of biotechnologies in degraded soil processing and recultivation, as well as the monetization of new biotechnologies in agriculture, crude oil refineries, and petroleum waste processing. Mr. Dolgolenko brings to Rafarma tremendous management experience that will refine Rafarma’s processes, enter new markets, and raise revenues toward a tremendous increase in shareholder value.

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