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Hemp oil is the only oil that contains the ideal ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 unsaturated fatty acids. These acids can not be produced by humans alone, therefore they must be administered as an additive, but they are very important for cardiovascular and brain function. The oil also contains an extremely useful GLA fatty acid (GLA is also found in breast milk), and this particular combination is found only in hemp oil. The consumption of cannabis oil is highly recommended since it contains as many as eight essential amino acids, many complex vitamins B and vitamin E. It has many once and several times unsaturated fatty acids (almost 90%), which is an EXTERNAL NOTE for human consumption.


Pots (micro greenery)

Young plants are grown from eating cannabis seeds. The best are those plants that are locally grown at the time of sale and are not older than 8 days. They are available throughout the year. Micro-herbs are lively and fresh foods that have up to 5 times higher nutritional value than adult plants.


C B D  OIL (Resin)

The cannabis resin is obtained by a special extraction method from cannabis peaks. Later it is dissolved in hemp oil to achieve the perfect ratio of hemp properties. Cannabidiol or C B D is the most important active substance of cannabis, which operates on an incredibly wide range of problems.


Hemp protein

Proteins are obtained by cold pressing of hemp seed, in which the oil is extracted. Dried seeds are dried and ground into protein powder – it still contains all the essential ingredients of hemp seed, but it is even more concentrated in the protein content (it takes away most of the fat and fiber). This is why it is ideal for athletes, especially after exercise (consumed as an additive in smoothies or other beverages). It can also be a great and nutritious substitute for a meal, so proteins are recommended for anyone who is struggling with overweight. Of all sources of protein, hemp works on the body most alkaline because it has a high pH value. Maintaining the alkaline balance in the body is very important, since acidity has a negative effect on the whole organism, which is reflected as a worse feeling, exhaustion and loss of muscle mass and fitness.


We sell industrial Hemp of:

  • Hemp balm
  • Hemp tea
  • Hemp soap
  • Hemp massage gel

Industrial hemp use

The man discovered cannabis around 15,000-5000 years before our count. The first hemp fibers were used in Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt, where they were added with clay bricks as a reinforcement. Until the 20th century it was widely used all over the world. Even some of the most famous historical items are made on a hemp basis; The American Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper. Mona Lisa is painted on wood with colors based on cannabis oil. It was also grown and popular on Slovenian soil, as evidenced by folk tales and stories.


The history of its therapeutic use

Cannabis originated in Central Asia and was one of the first psychotropic drugs that was cultivated and used before the development of the script. In China, it is known at least by Neolithic (4000 BC). The first one who described its therapeutic properties was Chinese Emperor Shen Nung in his “Compendium of Medicinal Chinese Plants” in 2737 BC. Shortly thereafter, it was started to grow from fibers for textiles and ropes, due to seeds, recreational use and use in medicine. It spread to India from India [4].

In 1839, British doctor William O’Shaughnessy, while working in India, discovered hemp analgesic (anti-pain), anti-emetic (anti-vomiting) and anticonvulsant (anti-rabbit) action to promote appetite and to act as a muscular relaxant. Since 1854, cannabis has been sold freely in pharmacies in Western US countries, while British pharmacopoeia has been producing extracts and tinctures for the next 100 years.

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