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Rafarma plans to start implementing the acquired technology in full production scale at the beginning of 2020 in Slovenia.

Dr, Martirosian will begin to consult Rafarma immediately on installation of additional equipment necessary and application of production protocols.

Some other advantages of the acquired aeroponic technology:

• No harmful insect effects associated with soil;

• Using Rafarma’s our proprietary nutrient solution, fertilizing agents and oxygen to the plant’s root system happens automatically;

• We no longer have to water the plant, because now it is irrigated automatically, whereas its roots are in the air;

• Soil-free method allows Rafarma to grow Cannabis year-round;

• Crop quantity of aeroponic plants is much higher than of their counterparts grown by other means;

• Superior biologic cleanliness and purity when compared to less-advanced growing methods.

Rafarma’s Proprietary Aeroponic Root System

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