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About Rafarma Pharmaceuticals

We are a quality producer of industrial hemp, a plant whose usage dates back to neolithic China. Historically it has been used to produce sails for clipper ships, biofuels, clothing, cordage and construction materials.

Often miscatagorized with marijuana, hemp is a non-psychoactive organism albeit with none of the mind-altering properties of marijuana. Aside from its industrial applications, (which are myriad–new uses are being implemented daily) we also utilize hemp to produce natural creams and other nutritional supplements here at our home base in Slovenia.

In 2018 Green Drop merged with Rafarma Pharmaceuticals Inc., a leader in the burgeoning field of alternative medicine. Together we will market our natural, life-enhancing products to Slovenia and the rest of the world. We look forward to being an integral part of the Rafarma family and we are confident that our participation in this endeavor will result in vast opportunities for growth in a near limitless market.

Our commitment to employing only the best natural products, our unwavering focus on generating only premium crops– these are the standards we adhere to that will bring our conjoined vision to the forefront of this exciting new field.

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